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SIM Injector, Fusion SIM, SF Connect

More SIM, More Range. What to choose?

What is the difference?

SpeedFusion technology makes this possible by bonding the bandwidth of multiple cellular services. In addition to 3G/4G LTE connections, you can also add VSAT and land lines into your SpeedFusion tunnel. 

FusionHub Solo

SIM Injector

Use the SIM Injector to add another 8 SIM cards to your deployment, giving you the ability to connect to multiple carriers and ensuring that your connection remains unbreakable.

In addition to adding SIM capacity, the SIM Injector also adds 100 meters of flexibility between the Router and the SIM cards, enabling you to place the cellular router anywhere you want without worrying about changing SIM cards.

Finally, the SIM Injector uses a flexible architecture. You can connect multiple SIM Injectors to supporting Peplink devices, and the device will have access to all the SIM cards carried by the SIM Injectors.

Peplink FusionHub

FusionSIM Cloud

Peplink’s FusionSIM allows you to remotely select and provision any SIM cards to compatible Peplink edge devices at any moment, making SIM card management hands-free. Provide the best wireless performance or optimise wireless network costs.

The SIM Injector can populate the SIM slots of supported devices remotely with SIMs, just connecting either over a satellite connection (WAN) or one physical SIM in the device.

You need to Combine your SIM Injector together with Peplink's SIM cloud. 

SpeedFusion Connect

SpeedFusion Connect * **

Devices under eligible data subscriptions can receive cellular data services from Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud. SIM cards and data plans are virtually and remotely deployed to the devices from the SpeedFusion Cloud with Peplink’s technology. 

**For compatible models in the US and selected regions in Europe only.
**Available for MAX Adapter LTEA, MAX Adapter 5G, MAX Transit Pro E, MAX BR1 Pro 5G/ CAT-20, Balance 310X, MAX MBX Mini, MAX HD4 MBX 5G, MAX HD4 MBX

SpeedFusion Connect

FusionSIM - How does it work?

FusionSIM Roaming

Frequently Asked Questions SIM Injector, FusionSIM

Yes, SIM Injector and FusionSIM Cloud work with roaming SIM cards

Balance series: 20X^, 310 5G, 310 Fiber 5G, 310X, 310X 5G, 380X^, 580X^,
MAX series: MBX, MBX 5G, PDX, BR1 Classic (HW 3), BR1 ESN, BR1 Pro (HW 5/6), BR1 IP55 (HW 4 or above), HD2 Dome, HD2 IP67 (HW 4 or above), UBR LTE, SFE (HW 2 or above), SFE CAM.


No, each SpeedFusion Connect data plan is linked to a single serial number. You cannot use multiple devices under a single SpeedFusion Connect data plan.

The data from each SpeedFusion Connect plan will be equally distributed amongst the number of cellular modems your device has. For example, your device has 4 cellular modems and you have just purchased 100GB worth of SpeedFusion Connect data. This 100GB will be distributed equally amongst the 4 cellular modems, assigning 25GB of data to each modem.

Frequently Asked Questions SpeedFusion Cloud SIM

SpeedFusion Cloud is Peplink's infrastructure that provides access to a global network of SpeedFusion endpoints and technology without requiring additional hardware. Whilst, SpeedFusion Connect is Peplinks very own LTE plan that also includes SpeedFusion Cloud.

Purchase more SpeedFusion Connect directly from us.

SpeedFusion Connect is supported in America and European countries. For more detail please refer to this list.

For our Balance 380X, 580X and 20X Models an optional FlexModule Mini can be added on to the device. FlexModule Mini (-W, -R, -K, -G), will see an included SpeedFusionSIM within the package.

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