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VGate MPLS over Cellular

End-to-End solution with a real world impact

Peplink Max HD4 MBX

The most significant strategic advantage is the instant availability to existing and new customers, that can't be served and provisioned without this innovation. VGate Network's innovation allows the utilization of widely available public cellular networks and uses them as underlying transport media for enterprise-grade data services. Due to the nature of their innovation, regional limitations are eliminated, and you can offer services to your customers globally.

The demand for enterprise-grade MPLS connectivity is higher than the available cable-based infrastructure can deliver. Furthermore, MPLS services are requested at locations were cable-based infrastructure simply does not exist. VGate Networks provides MPLS access independent from wired infrastructure at any business location covered by one or more cellular data networks. At the same time, their innovation delivers higher MPLS security compared with traditional MPLS connectivity solutions.

Extend MPLS over cellular


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