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Poynting - Choosing an antenna

What to ask - Find the applicable antenna.

Questions you need to answer for choosing the right antenna:

Poynting Technology


- Frequency Bands
- Future Proof
- Features (use MIMO?)

Poynting Application


- Size / Shape
- Mounting Type
- Environmental
- Certification

Poynting Requirements


- Omni / directional
- Signal Levels
- Polarisation
- High throughput (need MIMO?) ?

Last Step - Miscellaneous:

Coax Cable


Antenna Facts

Poynting antenna dBm

The selection of the right antenna gain is crucial when deploying an antenna. While high gain is beneficial, it's essential to find the right balance. Excessive gain can lead to issues, such as the radiation pattern going above and below the cell tower due to the vessel's rolling, similar to a mobile vehicle in a hilly environment. On the other hand, if the gain is too low, the vessel or vehicle may be out of range from the tower, resulting in poor signal reception. Striking the right balance in antenna gain ensures optimal performance and reliable connectivity.

Selecting the appropriate antenna involves considering various factors, including gain, pattern, efficiency, and housing design, particularly for outdoor and mobile applications. The housing design often plays a crucial role in determining the antenna's effectiveness, but it can be a complex and technical aspect to navigate.

Antenna performance is of utmost importance for any wireless connection, directly impacting your bottom line. The potential costs of communication failures far outweigh the price of the antenna itself. In many cases, the expenses incurred for installations and recalls can exceed the antenna's initial cost, making it vital to prioritize antenna quality and reliability to avoid costly issues in the long run.

Antenna Cable length

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