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Poynting - Lion Series

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The Lion Antenna will be available in August 2022.

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Poynting lion series

Poynting Antennas is thrilled to introduce the new XPOL-24 antenna, featuring 4x4 MIMO capability and designed specifically for uni-directional 5G/LTE applications.

Built on the success of the popular XPOL-2-5G antenna, the XPOL-24 offers impressive ultra-wideband coverage from 617 to 960 MHz and 1710 to 4200 MHz, delivering a peak gain of 11dBi across its operational bands. The 4x4 MIMO technology enhances the antenna's performance, while the cross-polarized elements provide vertical, horizontal, and ±45° polarizations with spatial separation for superior diversity and decorrelation.

The exceptional wideband performance is crucial for 5G/LTE technologies, leveraging features like Carrier Aggregation (CA) to deliver optimal reception and throughput across multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

With the addition of the XPOL-24, Poynting's current XPOL antenna range remains intact, and no antennas will be discontinued, providing customers with a broader selection of advanced antenna solutions.

The radiation patterns of the XPOL-24 are uni-directional and well controlled across the entire frequency range of operation. The combination of the uni-directional radiation pattern, with the high gain across the wideband coverage, enables superb coverage for FWA deployments. The measured results from the antenna are illustrated below.

Measured VSWR Measured Peak Gain


617 – 960 MHz & 1710 - 4200 MHz, Peak Gain: 11dBi

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