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Network Engineering Services

Future-proof Networking Solutions

Today’s fast-paced business environment is built around secure and effective networks, serving as the foundation of the IT infrastructure.

ADVANTESCO delivers the full range of integrated services that range from developing a turnkey network to constructing an individual engineering project. Our engineers specialize in building and maintaining networks, desktop systems, and servers. We are seasoned professionals with vast engineering experience in concept, design, integration, installation, operation, and maintenance. The scope of our innovative network engineering solutions encompasses everything, whether the need stems from a single department or small business to a complete enterprise-wide network.

Customers turn to ADVANTESCO for all their network engineering needs. Our company’s expertise is in managing distributed enterprise networks at optimum performance, maintaining them with maximum reliability, and operating them at minimum cost.

Our expertise allows us to oversee your entire network infrastructure
and offer full coverage for a range of services

Ready to Upgrade Your Workspace?

Building and maintaining reliable connectivity between our people, offices and their data can be complicated. Our specialised network design, build and operate services help meet complex business needs without requiring in-sourced skills.

Managing an existing infrastructure is only part of the complete package of services provided by ADVANTESCO. The technical team at ADVANTESCO applies its knowledge of evolving technology and industry best practices to customer goals and objectives to advance recommendations for increased efficiencies, cost savings, and a higher return on investment. ADVANTESCO crafts sound strategies detailing design, development, implementation, and integration procedures based on a comprehensive and thorough requirements definition and analysis process.

ADVANTESCO has the technical expertise, proven methodologies, management experience, and high standards to implement a solution that delivers outstanding quality and exceptional value for its customers. This applies whether the scope of the project involves facilities planning, IT capital planning, managing resources, or the development of a challenging and far-reaching enterprise architecture.

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