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Hotel & Hospitality  Solutions

Meet Growing Bandwidth Demand with Ease

Sharing on social media, streaming movies, or accessing work files through the cloud are some of the things taken for granted by hotel guests, and providing reliable Internet at the hotel or any hospitality location can help keep guests coming back. Whether your premise is at the heart of a busy city or away from civilization, Peplink SD-WAN has the right tools to help hotels and resorts deliver great network speed while keeping costs low.

With the rising popularity of bandwidth-hungry apps such as streaming services, hotel operators often struggle to keep up with the bandwidth demand of their guests.

For secluded vacation spots without access to landlines, providing reliable and fast internet to guests often prove to be a challenge.

Balance Series

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Peplink Social Wi-Fi currently supports the following social media and Internet account login methods.





Token Access

Guest Account



Guest Wi-Fi for your Business

Grow your business by enhancing your visitors’ experience with free and easy Wi-Fi access. Using Peplink’s Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login, you don’t just give free Internet – you get something back in return.

Let your visitors sign in quickly using their Facebook account. Drive engagement by offering special deals. Social WiFi with Facebook Login is fully customizable and will display important information about your business’s Facebook company page.

InControl 2 gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to give Facebook Login as a choice and how your visitors stay connected. Whether it’s time-based, usage-based- you’ll find it here. It’s as simple as a few clicks, and it’s all web-based, so you can manage everything no matter where you are.

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