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SpeedFusion Cloud or FusionHub ?

Extend SpeedFusion to the Cloud. What to choose?

What is the Best Solution?

Peplink’s SpeedFusion enables unbreakable connectivity anytime, anywhere, but needs to be terminated either on another Peplink device or a Peplink Cloud / Software solution. You can choose from three options:

Peplink FusionHub Solo

Fusion Hub Solo - Free

The FusionHub Solo brings SpeedFusion to your mobile or small branch office without the need for additional hardware. Install it in your cloud service of choice, and experience unbreakable connectivity and unparalleled speed with bandwidth bonding!

With the free of charge FusionHub Solo license, you can take full advantage of SpeedFusion using just one Peplink device.

Peplink FusionHub

FusionHub - 30 day Test License

FusionHub is the virtual SpeedFusion appliance from Peplink. With FusionHub, you can establish SpeedFusion connections between cloud servers and physical Peplink devices. Use FusionHub in private, public, and hybrid clouds. If you don'y have a Cloud server, we can help you.

Test FusionHub in your own equipment with a free 30-day trial and see for yourself. Peplink's evaluation guide will provide the download links and the instructions to get started.

Peplink SpeedFusion Cloud

SpeedFusion Cloud - free any Care plan

SpeedFusion Cloud lets you combine multiple Internet connections with just one router, giving you smooth videoconferencing and unbreakable access to your company resources.

Now Peplink offers a node in New Zealand.

Free SpeedFusion Cloud for all Peplink devices under a Care plan. For more connectivity, Peplink offers a set of data plans.

So what’s so special about SpeedFusion Connect? 

SpeedFusion Connect aims to enhance the value of Peplink devices by offering a combo plan of LTE data and SpeedFusion Cloud in one. Complementing and enhancing users' connectivity experience and further validating Peplink’s mission of becoming users’ one-stop shop for connectivity. 

SpeedFusion Connect


On-Demand Data

Access on-demand data plans and only pay for what you need, anytime, anywhere.

Access to multiple networks under one plan

Experiencing a lack of coverage with carriers in certain areas? Don’t have the luxury of multiple carriers and plans? SpeedFusion Connect offers access to multiple carriers with just one plan.

Access SpeedFusion Cloud on-the-go

Leverage both LTE data and SpeedFusion Cloud with one subscription.

Simple & Convenient

Manage every device and eliminate data wastage, all from a single platform.

Fusion Hub - Compatible with All Major Cloud Services

Microsoft Hyper-V
Google Computer Engine
CITRIX Xen Server

Frequently Asked Questions FusionHub

FusionHub Solo runs on nearly all mainstream virtual machine software including VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VirtualBox, and Microsoft Hyper-V. Cloud platforms supported include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Engine, Microsoft Azure and Vultr. Installation guides can be found here.

Use the Balance when you need a physical router, and when you need to bond multiple WAN connections. Use FusionHub when you need to use existing servers, and when you need to connect to private and public clouds.

Go to InControl 2, and navigate to Warranty & Licenses, release the key from existing FusionHub, and then import the key into the new FusionHub instance.

There are no software throughput restrictions within FusionHub. But the actual throughput can be physically limited by the hardware and network it is hosted on.

Minimum Requirements for VM Host Hardware*
– Intel Core i5 processor

Recommended VM Host Hardware for 1Gbps of SpeedFusion VPN Throughput*
– Xeon E3-1270V2 @3.5GHz
* Not applicable for AWS instances.

Additional network requirement:
1. Accessible to InControl; or
2. Managed by an InControl Appliance which is accessible to InControl. (i.e. outgoing UDP port 5246 shall be allowed. Visit HERE for more details.)

Recommended AWS Instances
– 5 peers / 100Mbps: t2.micro
– 20 peers / 200Mbps: t2.small
– 100 peers / 200Mbps: t2.small
– 500 peers / 500Mbps: m4.large
– 1000 peers / 1000Mbps: c4.2xlarge

FusionHub Essential - 5 Peers
FusionHub Pro - 20 Peers
FusionHub 100 - 100 Peers
FusionHub 500 - 500 Peers
FusionHub 1000 - 1000 Peers
FusionHub 2000 - 2000 Peers
FusionHub 4000 - 4000 Peers

Amazon Transit Gateway Connect

Seamlessly integrate between SpeedFusion branch networks and AWS cloud applications.

SpeedFusion Cloud usage quotas

How much SpeedFusion Cloud usage dot the Care plans have?

SpeedFusion Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions SpeedFusion Cloud

The SpeedFusion Cloud is our global network of SpeedFusion endpoints. It enables Peplink devices under a Care Plan to use SpeedFusion (Bandwidth Bonding, Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, Bandwidth Overflow) without any additional hardware. There is one Endpoint in Australia. We expect an endpoint in New Zealand soon.

Yes you do. Activate SpeedFusion Cloud for your devices by visiting the “Activate Now” link.

The Peplink ID is the universal login for many of our online platforms. In the near future, you will be able to use your Peplink ID account to access any Peplink service.

For multi-year plans, we will multiply the yearly quota by the number of years. For example, a 3-year plan for the MBX will have a total usage quota of 7.5TB (2.5TB x 3). You will have up to 3 years to use the 7.5TB.

The device will no longer be able to access the SpeedFusion Cloud. To make sure you stay connected, we recommend purchasing some backup SpeedFusion Cloud usage to have on standby.

Your will get 3 months of SpeedFusion Cloud access, but you will still receive the full SpeedFusion Cloud usage quota for your device.

SFC node map with NZ

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