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Citizens Broadband Radio Service

CBRS - Private Small-Scale LTE Networks Begin Here

Designed for remote reliability with rugged enclosures and a host of management features. Allowing for easy deployment of private LTE networks that are ideal for commercial, manufacturing, emergency services, schools, small-scale LTE networks, remote sites, and campuses.

What are your Challenges?


Fluctuating Network Availability

Especially in densely populated areas, wireless networks can get congested and lead to packet loss and interrupted sessions


Bandwidth Need for Shipboard Resources

Different sessions such as VoIP calls require high bandwidth, but large data transfers can slow down communications between client and server

Remote Connectivity

Connection Cost Control

Even with the best technology and investment, cellular dead zones are inevitable especially in less urban areas



Without proper security technologies, networks are exposed to hack threats and may lead to the theft of confidential information

Benefits of Private LTE Networks


A private LTE network can protect students and staff from cyber-attacks and inappropriate websites while providing a reliable, interference-free network for students and staff to focus on learning and teaching.



A private LTE network can increase security and accommodate high bandwidth capacities, ensuring that large volumes of personal data are transferred quickly and securely, promptly providing professionals with access to essential information and reports.



A private LTE network can lower latency and increase wireless coverage, ensuring that IoT devices and automated machinery never lose connection and continue operating at real-time speeds, increasing productivity and efficiency.


Seamlessly failover to backup connections when network disruptions occur. This protects your persistent sessions and keeps you connected.

CBRS and Wi-Fi work together to enhance coverage, improve reliability, and with seamless transitions between the two, ensure that your persistent sessions are not interrupted as you move around.

Combine the bandwidth of multiple connections together into a single bandwidth pipeline to accommodate for bandwidth heavy applications.

Optimize your connection by monitoring bandwidth usage and switching to the most suitable connection as usage changes. Switch to high bandwidth connections during peak bandwidth usage and less costly connections during periods of low bandwidth usage.

How It Works: The Details

Citizens Broadband Radio Service


Unfortunately yes, especially if you are located near US Naval bases. However, you can avoid any downtime caused by these interruptions with Peplink’s SpeedFusion as long as you have a backup connection.

Yes and no. Peplink devices connect user devices to LTE networks and cannot build an LTE network. This is why we have partnered with Ericsson to be able to provide a complete solution for private LTE networks.

Below is a list of our CBRS-capable devices.

MAX BR1 ENT, MAX Transit, MAX Transit Duo, MAX HD2, MAX HD2 IP67, MAX HD2 Dome, FlexModule for EPX, MAX HD4, MAX HD4 MBX

MAX Transit, MAX HD1 Dome, Balance 310X, MAX HD2 MBX, FlexModule for SDX/EPX/EPX Mini, MAX HD4 MBX

MAX BR1 Pro 5G, MAX Transit 5G, Balance 310 5G, Balance 310 Fiber 5G, MAX HD4 MBX 5G, MAX Adapter

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