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Peplink HazLoc Connectivity 

Secure and reliable connectivity 24/7, keeping you connected to those hazardous areas.

Providing you connectivity, where you may have thought it was not possible.

Hazardous Locations (HazLoc) are very apparent in some industries. Why lose productivity because of poor connectivity due to the environment. Peplink can help you no matter the location, from monitoring machine performance to preventing outages. They are the right choice for use in hazardous areas where data processing is critical in real-time.

Peplink HazLoc Datasheet
Peplink Solutions Diagram for Hazardous Industry

MAX BR1 and MAX BR1 mini

The BR1 meets all the electrical requirements for implementing high-quality connectivity solutions in hazardous locations worldwide. Class 1 Division 2 ready out of the box and Certified for challenging industrial deployment at remote sites and in-vehicles with the built-in ignition sense and GPS functionality.

Pepwave MAX BR1

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