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Peplink Maritime Connectivity

Combine Multiple LTE, WiFi and VSAT for Video Streaming Onboard.

Reliable Internet connectivity can provide enhanced enjoyment onboard and increased navigational capabilities (nautical charts, weather reports – or the location of the nearest marina), additional entertainment for the guests and crew (IP Radio/TV, news, social media) as well as secure corporate communications (VoIP, email and messaging). However getting reliable internet connectivity at sea has a number of specific challenges particular to this difficult and ever-changing environment.

What are your Challenges in Maritime Connectivity?

Fluctuating Network Availability
Fluctuating Network Availability

Network availability and speed of links vary based on the vessel’s location. Peplink combines any connection to ensure connectivity is always available.

Bandwidth Need for Shipboard Resources
Bandwidth Need for Shipboard Resources

Incumbent satellite solutions can no longer accommodate the rising bandwidth requirements for streaming IPTV, email, access to company servers and external cloud and CCTV footages.

Connection Cost Control
Connection Cost Control

To avoid data cost from spiraling out of control, Peplink can automatically prioritize data usage to lower cost connections, such as port WiFi over LTE, or local LTE over satellite.

Get Speed & Reliability. Brought by SpeedFusion

SpeedFusion allows users to combine any number of connections together to form a point-to-point link to achieve what others cannot:


Combine the bandwidth of several mobile connections to form an ultra-fast data link. Sustain bandwidth-hungry and latency sensitive tasks without the need for fixed lines.


Hot Failover maintains secure tunnels over all available WAN links to keep the network up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, SpeedFusion instantly routes traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions.


SpeedFusion is carrier agnostic and our products are certified with multiple carriers. By combining the coverage network of several mobile carriers, chances of running into a network blindspot or congestion is minimized.


With the help of WAN smoothing network traffic will be assigned to WAN connection with the lowest latency. Use multiple WAN connections to create a single, jitter-free data stream.


Topology Cruise liner

Cruise liner

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Topology Yachts

Yacht Set-up 

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Motor Yacht

Featured Products

With the HD2 Dome, the antennas are placed in the same integrated enclosure as the cellular radios. This arrangement minimizes cable loss, giving you the best signal possible. The HD2 Dome has a M35 screw mount, and only requires a single Ethernet cable to install. With the addition of the SIM Injector, the HD2 Dome can support up to 12 SIM at your fingertips.

Max HD2 Dome

Max HD2 Dome

SIm injector

SIM injector

Peplink EPX

Peplink EPX

Peplink HD4

Peplink HD4 MBX

Max Transit

Max Transit

Balance 20x

Balance 20x

Most outdoor deployments require a centrally placed router attached to strategically placed antennas.

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