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Peplink Media & Film Solutions

Project your imagination onto widescreens faster with Peplink

Whether your workflow involves print, Web design, video production, or digital photography, Peplink delivers high speed, low frustration networking, so you can spend more time creating, communicating with clients, and building your business.

No matter where filming is done, media production teams rely on a smooth livestream to monitor and adjust what is filmed on the camera as required. In these situations, even a slight stutter or interruption could mean retaking the whole scene from scratch.

Film sets in outdoor locations often incur substantial data charges with satellite or specially ordered fixed line internet. These equipment also require teams to look after, adding even more cost.

Live HD Broadcasting

Live HD Broadcasting

When covering live events, every second counts. With the Pepwave MAX, you can combine multiple cellular connections to ensure that you can capture every moment without interruption.

Smooth Radio Broadcasting

Smooth Radio Broadcasting

Protect your broadcast from the effects of packet loss. Use Peplink’s WAN Smoothing technology, to reconstruct lost packets, keeping your radio stream smooth and clear.

Real-life streaming

Real-life Hitman Streaming

Not just a high bandwidth, reliable, low latency Internet connection, but also allows for inbound connections from the Internet to on location set pieces (like a remote controlled machine gun) providing a full interactive experience for the end users.

Mobile Connectivity for Broadcasting on the Move

Mobile Connectivity for Broadcasting on the Move

The integration of Peplink products in this setup solved the mobile broadcasting needs of this company. The MAX HD4 MBX’s future-proof design allows them to rely on a high-speed connection. Concurrently paired with Mobility Antennas, the broadcasting company can confidently live stream content to their client anytime, anywhere.

The MAX HD4 MBX is a mobile powerhouse. This router allows for up to four cellular links, consisting of a 5G connection with three LTE backups. To support the broadcasting company’s live stream, this router combines the bandwidth of these cellular links, forming one unbreakable connection.

Additionally, Hot Failover keeps the network seamlessly running when one of the connections drops. Using Peplink’s patented WAN Smoothing technology simultaneously, the deployment of this router ensures jitter-free broadcasts with packet loss compensation.

The four Mobility antennas, two Mobility 42Gs, and two Mobility 40Gs were mounted on the mobile broadcasting vehicle’s roof. With a total of sixteen cellular channels, two Wi-Fi connections, and at least one GPS, these antennas helped provide even higher bandwidth during the broadcast.

The broadcasting company can use the integrated MAX HD4 MBX GPS receiver to monitor and locate the vehicle. Mobility Antennas include an active and high-performance GPS antenna, which allows the company to track its fleet.

To meet concerns for installation time, these antennas are connected to the MAX HD4 MBX using QMA connectors. QMA connectors are snap-on locking replacements for the standard SMA connectors. They are premium class connectors, allowing the broadcasting team to connect antennas to the routers without any reliability concerns rapidly. Typically, QMA connectors can be installed ten times faster than an SMA connector.

Peplink Video Encoding Solution

Video encoding

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