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Peplink Mining and Construction 

 Rapid IT Mobilisation - Reducing Delays from Months to Days

Today, construction sites require connectivity for productivity, numerous cameras, sensors, and IoT devices. A reliable network enhances the productivity and safety of construction sites, but early-stage job sites often do not have access to fixed-line infrastructures. Peplink’s ruggedized Wireless SD-WAN brings a reliable enterprise-grade network to sites in minutes.

Rapid Worksite Connectivity

Rapid Worksite Connectivity

Use Peplink to quickly establish Internet access from the most remotely located work and construction sites. Peplink routers rapidly pay for themselves in time and money saved compared to setting up temporary landlines.

Worksite surveillance

WorkSite Surveillance

Use Peplink routers to constantly watch over the most remotely located work or mining sites. Simplify your setup with PoE support. Form unbreakable HD video streams with cellular connections from multiple providers.

Remote metering

Remote Metering

Remotely connect to your metering equipment and sensors no matter where they are or what kind of environment they operate in—vital pipe statistics on fluid pressure and electric current straight to your datacenter.

Instantly deployable network: time reduced from months to mere days

Guaranteed connectivity from diverse WAN types and providers

Flexibility in making use of available connectivity options

Temporary bandwidth in areas with extremely limited coverage

Seamless hardware failover

Reliable access to datacenter resources

Construction Connectivity

Worksites need connectivity, but laying fiber to the location can take weeks. Sometimes, the worksite is so far out that wireless is the only choice. With hundreds of sensors and cameras streaming data back and forth between remote worksites and head office, fast and reliable connectivity is a must. 

The Peplink SD-WAN solution creates a persistent encrypted connection between branches, remote sites, and headquarters. Use flexible combinations of 3G, 4G LTE, FTTC, leased lines, xDSL, and satellite to provide a guaranteed level of connectivity and bandwidth on any location worldwide. 
At the same time, critical applications benefit from a highly resilient network with high bandwidth at significantly reduced connectivity costs. OPEX can also be reduced due to the efficiency at which you can centrally manage your entire network.


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