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EssentialCare | SmartCare | PrimeCare

Scalable Peace of Mind - Peplink Care plans

This integrated service includes everything needed to monitor, provision, and support your network as it grows:
EssentialCare and SmartCare are designed to simplify network maintenance, so you can focus on building your business.
And PrimeCare is a subscription that bundles InControl, Warranty, SpeedFusion license upgrades, and FusionHub Licenses into one subscription.

Peplink Care plans

InControl Cloud Management

Whether your deployment has 10 endpoints or 1000, InControl makes network management simple. Monitor network health, centralize policies, push configurations to multiple devices, and obtain audit logs with ease.

Software Updates

The Peplink team is constantly developing firmware updates with new features and security patches. After a router model is introduced, we they will keep developing new firmware for it for years to come. This means with the Care plan, your router will always have access to the latest features.

Product Warranty

EssentialCare has you covered. In the rare event that you encounter an issue, Peplink will replace the product so that your business stays up and running without further expense.

SpeedFusion Cloud Usage

The SpeedFusion Cloud enables Peplink devices under a Care Plan to use SpeedFusion (Bandwidth Bonding, Hot Failover, WAN Smoothing, Bandwidth Overflow) without any additional hardware.

Technical Support

With a Care plan, your certified partner will provide comprehensive technical support. Each partner is equipped with specialized training, years of expertise, and our backing. They are ready to handle anything your deployment may encounter.

FeaturesEssential CareSmart CarePrime Care
Incontrol Cloud Management
Hardware Warranty
Firmware Upgrades
Technical Support
Standard RMA
Advance Hardware Replacement for RMA
FusionHub License
SpeedFusion Bonding
PrimeCare Software Licenses
SpeedFusion Cloud Usage
Available forAll Peplink products  Blue Chip Series Models with SKU no.
ending with -PRM

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