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Peplink Mediafast Series

Unbreakable Connectivity with Peplink ContentHub

Peplink MediaFast also known as Peplink ContentHub, is a robust content caching solution designed with a focus on education and entertainment. It excels in downloading and accelerating various types of content, such as video, iTunes U, iOS updates, and app downloads, ensuring uninterrupted access to learning and entertainment at any time.

With its ability to prefetch content during off-peak hours, the MediaFast helps save connectivity costs and reduces the network burden during peak times. This intelligent caching system optimizes content delivery, providing a seamless and efficient user experience for students, users, and customers. Whether in educational institutions or entertainment venues, the MediaFast enhances the overall content distribution process, ensuring reliable and fast access to digital resources.

Peplink ContentHub Series Advantages

Prefetch Off-Peak Downloads

Peplink's MediaFast allows you to schedule one-time or recurring content downloads during off-peak hours, ensuring you get the content you need without affecting your network's performance during busy times. Once the content is downloaded, you can easily playback the high-definition videos and other content anytime, without worrying about spotty or congested Internet connections.

This flexibility is especially useful in locations with unreliable or limited Internet access. Simply download the content when and wherever the connection is strongest, and then take the MediaFast with you to deliver seamless content to any location, regardless of Internet availability. It's a convenient and efficient solution for ensuring smooth content delivery in any environment.

Cache - Download x1 - Playback x∞

Peplink's MediaFast offers automatic caching of iTunes, iTunes U, and other content based on domain and file type. Once content is cached, it can be played back repeatedly, reducing loading time, bandwidth usage, and costs. You have the flexibility to keep the content for as long as you need or set automatic purging based on file type and age.

With MediaFast, you can efficiently manage and optimize content delivery, ensuring a seamless user experience while conserving resources and reducing expenses. It's a powerful solution for organizations looking to enhance content distribution and control their network resources effectively.

Peplink InControl2 report

Deep Insight. On-Demand.

Easily monitor and analyze your bandwidth usage and savings with Peplink's intuitive interface. You can track popular URLs and file types to gain insights into your network's activity. Additionally, the system allows you to monitor client and IP addresses, helping you identify your heaviest users and pinpoint areas that may require optimization or improvement. With all these capabilities available in a single interface, you can efficiently manage and optimize your network's performance.

Docker Support

Docker is an open platform that empowers developers to create, deploy, and manage applications seamlessly. From firmware version 7.1.0 onwards, Peplink Mediafast 500 or 750 routers can install and run Docker Containers.

Peplink supports this feature up to the point of creating a running Docker Container, while Docker itself offers limitless possibilities. You can explore Docker's documentation at for more information.

With Docker on your Peplink router, you can run various applications like file-sharing platforms (Owncloud), web servers (WordPress, Joomla), learning platforms (Moodle), or visualization tools for large-scale data (Kibana). When setting up a new Docker Container, the router will search through the Docker Hub repository at for available options.

Peplink supports Docker

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Mediafast works with iOS Updates

iOS Updates

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