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Peplink Modular X Series

Powerful. Modular. Futureproof.

Combines the most powerful routing capacity with modular interfaces.

The X series is ready for the fastest 5G and Fiber networks. With Multi-Gigabit throughput and Modular radio design, these products give you the ultimate in speed for any Enterprise, Mobile, or Industrial applications. These are our most powerful products for the best SpeedFusion SD-WAN features and performance.

Peplink SDX

Peplink Balance SDX PRO

Pepwave HD4 MBX

Pepwave MAX HD4 MBX

Peplink X Series Devices

The New Expansion Modules for the Balance Series!

Peplink is are launching three new expansion modules to provide faster and steadier connections. They are the expansion modules for B310X, B310X 5G, and the FlexModule Mini 5G, which is compatible with B20X, B380X and B580X.

Apart from supporting more bands, the latter two can instantly upgrade your device to a 5G-ready router, taking your device's performance to a whole new level.

So, why the wait? Learn more from the datasheets and product pages below!

Edge Computing Capable

The SDX Pro is a one-box hosting solution that can deliver Docker containers, applications, and websites to its local network. By hosting resources near the network edge, you can reduce latency and make applications more responsive.

Edge Computing Capable - Websites


Edge Computing Capable - Virtual machine

Virtual Machines

Edge Computing Capable - Docker

Docker Containers

Edge Computing Capable - Application


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