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Peplink Site-to-Site PepVPN

World’s Easiest Site-to-Site VPN

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On top of all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional VPN technologies, the PepVPN engine also offers:

Long-distance Ethernet cable − PepVPN allows a secure and seamless Ethernet tunnel over any IP connection (Layer 2 over Layer 3). It virtually provides a long-distance Ethernet cable over any WAN link.

Seamless transition − PepVPN and SpeedFusion share the same foundation VPN engine. It means all your PepVPN and SpeedFusion devices will work flawlessly together. It also allows you to easily upgrade a PepVPN endpoint to SpeedFusion to take advantage of the added benefits without worrying about compatibility.

Works in any dynamic IP environment − PepVPN is fully compatible with any dynamic IP environment and NAT, allowing you to establish a VPN behind a NAT gateway or firewall without worrying about static IP addresses.

PepVPN is Peplink's foundation VPN engine. 

It is ideal for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link and is possibly the world’s most straightforward VPN technology. PepVPN was introduced to make it even easier to migrate to SpeedFusion and build SD-WAN-enabled networks. It offers all the benefits of IPsec and other conventional tunneling protocols, plus a variety of performance and reliability features you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want all the benefits of SpeedFusion right away or prefer to migrate in stages, our new three-tier structure makes it simple, affordable, and convenient. 
PepVPN on Peplink router is the core engine of Peplink's site-to-site VPN technology. It is ideal for establishing a secure tunnel over any WAN link.

Peplink PepVPN / SpeedFusion Pyramid

Yes, Peplink / Pepwave device with multiple WAN interfaces can generally be upgraded to support SpeedFusion. For details please refer to your device’s technical specifications and ordering information page.

PepVPN can only use a single WAN connection at any one time. It can connect to bonded WANs on other SpeedFusion-enabled devices, however.

No, PepVPN is a device-to-device VPN protocol, and there is no software client at this time.

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