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5G SD WAN with Peplink

Address new Demands with 5G Equipment

Peplink SpeedFusion

5G is the Future. 

We believe that 5G is the future of telecommunications and mobile networks. It is as revolutionary and groundbreaking, if not more so than 3G was. This is because it will enable many technologies that have been held back by the capabilities of previous generations of mobile networks. Once 5G networks worldwide are in place and provide millimeter-wave networks, industries such as IoT, mobile gaming, and augmented reality will flourish. But remember that 5G does have its own limitations. While mmWaves provide incredibly fast download and upload speeds, it comes at the expense of stability and reliability; at some frequencies, even the leaves on trees or rain can cause disconnects.

5G Ready.

Focusing on wireless SD-WAN technologies since 2006, Peplink has been preparing for 5G’s arrival back in 2017 when they launched their 5G-ready EPX router. Since then, they have continued to develop their 5G capable hardware so that users worldwide can easily transition to 5G. In addition to that, Peplink has revamped our WAN bonding and hot failover to be 5G compatible. So no matter which 5G frequency you are on, you can rest assured that you will have a stable and fast internet connection.

MPLS over cellular

BR1 Pro 5G - Upgrade to Wi-Fi 6

Peplink 5G Frequencies

5G (NSA) Sub 6Ghz - 5GD
n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n12, n20, n28, n38, n41, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79

5G (NSA) Sub 6Ghz - 5GH
n1, n2, n3, n5, n7, n8, n41, n66, n71, n77, n78, n79

For the other countries 5G frequencies please check here.

Band MHz Countries
n1 2100Australia (Optus)
n7 2600Australia (Vodafone), New Zealand (Spark)
n40 2300Australia (Optus)
n78 3500Australia, New Zealand
n28 700Australia (Vodafone)
n5 850Australia (Telstra)
n3 1800Australia (Optus)
Br1 Pro 5G PrimeCare Br1 Pro - MultiCore SpeedFusion Connect Br1 Pro 5G
BR1 Pro 5G - Sonic for a Reason

The ‘classic goes sonic’, why? The BR1 Pro 5G is integrated with
the new generation multi-core CPU ensuring delivery of gigabit
speeds. Achieving 800% faster speeds than the original BR1 Classic.

Pepwave Br1 Pro 5G
BR2 Pro - Faster, Wider, Stronger

The BR2 Pro is not just designed to be tough. Its dual 5G connections, Wi-Fi 6, and PoE input ensure an unbreakable connection in any scenario.

With so many WAN options, the BR2 Pro can seamlessly failover to guarantee your flow of data, even during the most critical circumstances. The Gigabit routing speed and serial port for OOBM allow versatility for any SD-WAN deployment.

Complement any SD-WAN deployment with the Dual Ethernet WANs, Dual 5G/LTE, USB WAN, and Wi-Fi WAN. Not enough WANs? Add the MAX Adapter 5G for an instant third 5G connection. Literally, all the WANs to keep you going.

Getting Started with 5G

5G can reach speeds 10x faster than 4G LTE. Download movies in just seconds. Learn more about the 5G Technology and the amazing devices Peplink has ready for the 5G era. All devices are upgradable to upcoming technologies with modular interfaces.

Peplink Modular Series

Hot Failover.

Another technology at work during the transmission of data is our hot failover. The way it works is that when you lose connection to your WAN, the hot failover will seamlessly transfer your connection to an alternative WAN. This is done in a way that ensures that you not only maintain a connection to your persistent session, but you might not even realize that it happened. With 5G’s higher radio frequencies, losing connection may become more common, but with hot failover, you won’t need to worry about it

WAN Smoothing.

Where hot failover maintains the integrity of your persistent sessions, WAN Smoothing maintains that your sessions are jitter-free. WAN Smoothing utilizes intelligent algorithms to detect packet loss and immediately replace the lost packets. Other methods of mitigating packet loss, such as FEC, are also deployed to ensure that your sessions are entirely jitter-free. And although 5G promises sub 1ms latencies, it doesn’t prevent packet loss, so on its own, 5G will still have jitters.

Bandwidth Bonding.

Bandwidth bonding combines data at the packet level, giving a single user the ability to use all bandwidth from bonded connections. This is useful when bandwidth is scarce or if you need bandwidth capabilities beyond what a single connection can provide. This is particularly important during this transitional period from 4G to 5G because Peplink’s bandwidth bonding can bond 4G and 5G connections together to give you both the speed of 5G and the stability of 4G.

Bandwidth Overflow.

Monitors network bandwidth usage and switches to the most suitable connection as bandwidth usage changes. This allows network users to access high bandwidth connections when needed or switch to less costly connections when bandwidth usage is low. The result is a more optimized connection.

Find all Pepwave 5G able devices in our store


5G cellular devices

PUMA Series Antennas for 5G

New technology needs new support. Meet the new 5G ready antennas from Peplink - IP67 Rated - B71 Support - 7dBi High Gain

Peplink Puma 401 Antenna

Puma 401

4×4 MIMO 5G ready cellular antenna system with GPS receiver.

Peplink Puma 221 Antenna

Puma 221

5-in-1 cellular and W-Fi antenna system with GPS receiver.

Peplink Puma 020 Antenna

Puma 020

2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi dual band antenna.

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