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Pepxim IoT Cloud Series

Monitor all your devices’ voltage, wattage, temperature, and current

The Internet of Things continues to bring exceedingly more machines together. By 2020, Gartner predicts there will be 20 BILLION connected devices. As such, Peplink is overwhelmingly proud to introduce our new IoT-focused product brand, Pepxim.

With Pepxim (Peplink Extended to Internet Machines) IoT cloud management and the SD-PMU, you’re able to monitor all your devices’ voltage, wattage, temperature, and current to each port for precise troubleshooting. Reboot devices through the cloud, configure custom boot-up sequences, and much more with the new Pepxim IoT Cloud and SD-PMU!

Access Control Solution

Cloud Integrated Access Control Solution

The Pepxim Smart Reader and Time and Attendance System make attendance management a breeze.


Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution

Pepsign Cloud Service is Peplink’s innovative cloud-based digital signage solution

GPS Tracker

Cloud-Based GPS Tracker

Introducing the Pepxim GPS Tracker! See all your GPS information instantaneously and in real time.

SD Power Management Unit

Software-Defined Power Management Unit

Whether enabling free Wi-Fi for buses, or maintaining surveillance on maritime deployments, you need to rely on battery power.

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Pepxim IoT series Devices

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Software-Defined Power Management Unit

PowerFusion (TM) technology Diagram

PowerFusion (TM) technology

The vast majority of automobiles, trucks, boats, and yachts typically make use of a 12- or 24-volt power system. Even though the battery is designated to operate at a specific volt, the actual voltage is fluctuating depending on its lifespan, loading, and state-of-charge. Pepxim’s PowerFusion (TM) technology allows vehicle and vessel power systems to achieve uninterruptible, reliable, and stable electrical power supplies.

Using our voltage regulation circuit, you can aggregate multiple DC power sources with a wide voltage range from 12 to 56 volts, and transfer to a constant voltage power supply. Our PowerFusion (TM) system maintains the safety of your portable power system by monitoring the voltage, converting the fluctuating voltage into an optimum value, and protecting your devices from over voltage.

Depending on model, Pepxim’s Power Management Units can output designated voltage values according to usages. For instance, sensitive onboard telemetry, surveillance cameras, and Power over Ethernet appliances.

peplink SD-PMU - 3 Devices in 1

3 Devices in 1

The SD-PMU can reduce setup costs, operational complexity, and maintenance expenses by performing the functions of three devices: a low-voltage disconnect monitor, a DC-DC converter, and a DC distribution panel. Rather than installing three enclosures and connecting them through cables, installation now simply involves connecting the batteries and an Ethernet connection to the SD-PMU. This results in significantly reduced network complexity, smaller footprint, and greater network resilience.

Sequential Boot Up Diagram

Sequential Boot Up

With the SD-PMU, you could determine which port receives power first upon boot up. This is useful for deployments where the operation of the second device is dependent on that of the first. Use the IoT Cloud to remotely determine the boot up sequence.

Cloud-Based GPS Tracker

Introducing the Pepxim GPS Tracker! This battery-powered device features two redundant SIM slots, allowing for unbreakable connectivity, so you can see all your GPS information instantaneously and in real time.

Unlike with some other GPS devices, there is no worry about the Pepxim GPS Tracker wearing down your vehicle’s battery. The device is fully self powered, via four C-size batteries, or a rechargeable lithium battery. With the rechargeable lithium option, you’ll enjoy up to six months of battery life, plus you’ll be able to see how much battery power your device has remaining in the mobile app or browser.

Pepxim’s cloud-based GPS software goes beyond simply pinpointing the location of your fleet’s vehicles. You’ll be able to take full advantage of it’s geofencing features, as well as program when you want the device to be in a power-saving mode to extend battery life.

On-Trip mode

On-Trip mode

When the GPS Tracker is in On-Trip Mode, it will continuously upload GPS data to the cloud in real time, where our cloud-based reporting dashboard can translate the information and give it to you in useful, easy to understand ways such as reporting speed, distance traveled, trip duration, and more.

Power Saving Mode

To conserve battery life, the device (when not in active On-Trip Mode) will cache its GPS data offline for retrieval later, rather than constantly uploading straight to the cloud in real time.

Power Saving Mode

Cloud-Based  Digital Signage Solution

The Pepxim Smart Reader and Time and Attendance System make attendance management a breeze. Employees can easily clock in and out using their own NFC cards, while management gains access to an intuitive yet powerful system that provides real-time visibility and significantly reduces administrative workload. 

One Cloud, Multiple Players

Pepsign Cloud Service is a cloud-based players management solution that enables you to manage unlimited players simultaneously, through any modern browser. Everything can be decided by you in terms of the content, display date and the screen selected. This highly increases the flexibility as you can create and modify your digital signage anytime and anywhere.

User-friendly Animation Maker & Scene Creator

You are able the create effects into the scenes on your own with the built-in effect functions inside Pepsign Cloud Service. By just a few clicks, it makes your videos much more stunning and attractive. Everyone can be a creator of their own advertisements!

Rule-based Scheduling

You are able to set the date and time (start & end) of your scenes to be displayed. You can also decide the frequency of the scenes appearance by setting their priority. Besides, you can decide the repetition of the scenes as well by daily basis or on a specific date.

Automatic Content Updater by Data Grabber

To make your scenes more informative, the “Data Grabber” within Pepsign allows you to forward particular information, especially which vary rapidly with time, from other web sources into your scenes. You can set the grabbing intervals to ensure the data are the most updated as well.

Peplink Pepsign Configuration sample


Cloud Integrated Access Control Solution

High Security, Broad Card Compatibility

Pepxim's Smart reader is compatible with today’s most secure card platforms including several HID iClass and Prox formats.

Deploy Anywhere, Remote Offices, Even Mobile!

Traditional systems require local servers and controllers. Deploy Pepxim's Smart Reader across multiple buildings, remote offices, even mobile locations.

Extensible Cloud Platform - Integrate Into Existing Systems

Pepxim's TA Cloud allows you to integrate reader data seamlessly into your existing access control or attendance system.

SD-Switch for an Intelligent Office

Combine with SD-Switch for an Intelligent Office

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