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Peplink Public Safety Solutions

Unbreakable SD-WAN for Public Safety - Purpose Built for Public Safety

During mission-critical moments, it is crucial for those working in public safety to maintain stable and continuous real-time communication.

Two main connectivity challenges public safety units face are wireless network congestions and cellular dead zones. Congestions result in packet losses and disrupted communications in developed areas where many are connected to the network.

On the other hand, first responders in remote areas have to worry about dead zones with no connectivity. Because of this, Peplink developed SpeedFusion, a technology that keeps first responders connected anytime, anywhere. 

Private and Public LTE

SpeedFusion takes multiple LTE links and combines them into a single connection that is ultra-fast, ultra-resilient, and has the greatest possible coverage.

Dispatch center

Traditionally, 2-way radios were the main form of communication for first responders. With SpeedFusion, the 2-way radio line can be supplemented by LTE connections, adding more bandwidth to the network. This extra bandwidth gives first responders access to more crucial information at their fingertips, such as video streams, operation manuals, and site information.

Peplink police Solutions
Peplink First responser solution

Dependable hardware built to deliver unmatched network stability. Long-term Firmware support to ensure years of service life.

Public Safety and SpeedFusion Technologies
 broadcast the video

The Greenville Sheriff’s department worked with Joe Schmauch of Greenville Media, a helicopter pilot himself, to find a better way to broadcast the video into the field than the off-the-shelf microwave systems. Schmauch brought in Mark Robison of VITEC to improve the broadcast stream, video compression, and error correction.

Public Safety private LTE network

Serving over 4 million citizens in Texas, Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) is the US’s third-largest Sheriff’s Office. And they are the first to test the government’s Public Safety private LTE network. HCSO takes on the challenge of implementing this Public Safety LTE as a part of their high-speed network overhaul on their mobile command units.

patrol vehicles connectivity

Oklahoma’s Stillwater Police Department recently rolled out a fleet of patrol vehicles equipped to connect to the city’s internal network via cellular. But the consumer-grade networking gear used in the initial deployment wasn’t up to the task: a few months in, scorching summer heat began breaking down the devices. Stillwater Police needed a tougher option – and fast. Peplink delivered a solution that not only stands up to extreme weather but also provides outstanding resilience and easy cloud-based device management.

real-time data

August 2015. Singapore held its largest-ever National Day Parade to commemorate its 50th year of independence. The main display of the event – Singapore’s Mobile Column comprised more than 150 military vehicles and covered a distance of 20 KM along the Greater Marina Bay area. This raised a multitude of security challenges, chief amongst which was public safety. Road traffic, spectator safety, Mobile Column status were just a few of a long list of things that required real-time surveillance.

fire engines’ communication systems

Munhall Bureau of Fire is a municipal volunteer fire department in Pennsylvania. They were switched from their local borough dispatch to the Allegheny county dispatch center, providing them with extensive real-time data vital to first responders. Instead of using satellite for communication where line-of-sight is often necessary, Munhall chose to communicate over IP, specifically cellular and Wi-Fi, where they envisioned prioritizing them according to the lowest cost. 


InControl2 Virtual Appliance (ICVA) can be hosted on any private server hardware, giving network administrators complete management and control over sensitive data and security.

ICVA also supports REST API, enabling easy integration with your existing systems.


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