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Peplink in New Zealand

SD-WAN Networking Solutions for New Zealands Markets

New Zealand's connectivity needs are truly unique, setting it apart from other countries. The majority of main cities and towns in NZ already have or are planned to have fibre broadband coverage, as can be checked at

The Fibre broadband roll-out has reached 86.3% of New Zealanders and is projected to reach 87% in about 411 towns and cities by the end of 2022 (MBIE QUARTERLY CONNECTIVITY UPDATE).

When it comes to average connection speeds, New Zealand ranks impressively high in the global landscape. In the Fixed Broadband category, NZ holds the 15th position with a speed of 131.08 Mbps, surpassing Australia at 71st position with a speed of 52.46 Mbps. For Mobile Connections, New Zealand ranks 26th with a connectivity speed of 62.46 Mbps (Speedtest Global Index 10/22).

Fixed Broadband connectivity options in New Zealand

Remains suitable for traditional services like web browsing, email, and basic video streaming, particularly when there’s only one person using the connection. Due to physical limitations, the highest-performing ADSL lines will never achieve download speeds higher than ~25 Mbps. The distance from house to exchange has a big effect on attainable speeds, with most ADSL lines in New Zealand averaging under 8 Mbps download. The higher latency, more frequent dropouts, and lower upload speeds make ADSL less suitable for video calls and multi-user households.

There is a range in performance: some lines will achieve download/upload speeds indistinguishable from ADSL, whereas a small proportion of lines will achieve speeds comparable with Fibre 100, and certainly with lower speed Fibre plans. Lower speed lines will be less suitable for applications that use a lot of data, such as video conferencing and Ultra High Definition streaming, whereas higher speed lines will generally support more data-heavy applications.

Supports latency-sensitive applications such as online gaming. Fibre 300 will also support data-heavy applications such as Ultra High Definition streaming with multiple concurrent users or video conferences with a large number of participants. Fibre 300 will cover most users’ requirements.

Higher download and upload speeds than Fibre 300. The latency to internet applications, such as online games, through a Fibre Max line is the same as through any other Fibre package. Performance varies depending on RSP. Fibre 300 will support all modern internet applications and multi-user households, so Fibre Max is still only recommended in cases where there is a genuine need for more bandwidth e.g. frequently uploading or downloading large files.

Available in some areas (Wellington, Upper & Lower Hutt, the Kapiti Coast, and parts of Christchurch). Cable is also referred to as HFC and DOCSIS. Vodafone is the only provider operating a Cable network in New Zealand. Two plans are available: UltraFast HFC Max and UltraFast HFC 200. Due to the limited coverage of the Cable network, MBNZ doesn’t collect enough data to formally report on the performance of the UltraFast HFC 200 plan.

It can offer higher download speeds than ADSL, but on average slower speeds than VDSL. Users also experience higher latencies due to the cellular technology underlying these plans. Fixed Wireless has the highest latency of all technologies apart from Satellite (not currently reported on by MBNZ). Fixed Wireless also delivers lower download/upload speeds and more frequent dropouts than Fibre. This range of performance factors means Fixed Wireless should not necessarily be preferred to Fibre on performance grounds, however in some areas, Fixed Wireless is the only option for consumers, and even in areas where Fibre is available, there are other reasons consumers might choose this option (ease of installation for example). 5G Fixed Wireless plans are at present only available in limited areas, but would offer higher bandwidth than existing 4G plans.

Peplink provides solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible

Since its establishment in 2006, Peplink has been dedicated to wireless SD-WAN technologies. Offering a comprehensive SD-WAN solution, Peplink provides edge routers capable of seamlessly connecting multiple fixed or cellular WAN links at the same time.

Don't miss out on Peplink's 5G device range as the first 5G networks are being rolled out in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Queenstown. With 5G at its full capacity, devices can operate at speeds ten times faster than current 4G networks, boasting under 20 milliseconds of latency. This lightning-fast connectivity is perfect for gaming and streaming, and exceptionally responsive for business applications.

Peplink 5G devices

Telcowatch is the quarterly market share report for New Zealand’s major mobile phone carriers.

In Q3 2022, Spark were the only one out of the 4 mobile phone carriers to experience a decrease in market share, 1.9% lower in Q3 than in Q2. Skinny experienced the most growth QoQ at 1.4%, whilst Vodafone and 2degrees experienced similar increases at 0.9% and 1.1% respectively.

While remaining relatively stable over the last 12 months, this quarter we see a slight drop in 2degrees market share. The gap between Spark and Vodafone has also been slowly closing throughout this quarter, with both providers well established as leaders in the mobile phone industry.

Cellular providers in NZ

Additionally, NZ has bottlenecks in their connectivity inside NZ and to the outside. Peplink load balancer offers backup connection solutions if the primary connection with one provider cuts out, as it happened in the past years.

NZ has areas with full fibre coverage and high-speed cellular coverage and areas without or minimal connectivity at all. Peplink offers a solution for these different needs.

Country side

Peplink Market Specific Solution

Peplink New Zealand - Branch Edge Solutions

Branch Edge

Building a High Performance, Agile Branch Network

Peplink New Zealand -  CBRS

CBRS Solution

Citizens Broadband Radio Service

Peplink New Zealand -  Hospitality Solutions


Affordably provide quality Internet access for guests in remote resorts.

Peplink New Zealand -  Healthcare Solutions


Provide on-site diagnosis by securely streaming patient data to the hospital.

Peplink New Zealand -  Farming and Utilities Solutions

Farming / Utilities

Network connectivity can be complicated without access to Fibre. 

Peplink New Zealand -  Media and Film Solutions

Media & Film Production

Get from Imagination to Production Faster with SpeedFusion Unbreakable VPN.

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