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The IT world has no borders and with the amazing technologies we are using right now, our reach is LIMITLESS! Connecting locations and systems altogether with the most Creative, Simplistic, Innovative, and Affordable solutions is what we do.

Implementing a new system is a daunting challenge. Our team is utilizing their extensive experience to provide you with insightful perspectives, which enable you to evaluate the systems and identify the right solution. We guarantee implementation success by providing experienced professionals to produce fast reliable results.

Our team of engineers work with customers of all sizes and types. ADVANTESCO covers the support for all devices purchased from us, including customized schedule for updates, improvements, software and hardware upgrades. An SLA can give you peace of mind, knowing that you have a support, that protects your business IT Network Infrastructure at all time.


Connecting locations and systems altogether with the most Innovative, Simplistic, Functional, and Affordable solutions.


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